Odoo 8 Web Mobile Responsive  App User Interface Announcement

Odoo 8 Web Mobile Responsive User Interface 


FOR SALE NOW. The Odoo 8 Web Mobile Responsive User Interface App is now available for public sale on the ITpedia Solutions, LLC eCommerce store:

***FOR SALE Odoo 8 Web Mobile Responsive User Interface Application FOR SALE***


The Odoo 8 Mobile Responsive App is very powerful software for Odoo 8 allowing users to take full advantage of all Odoo 8 features and functionality in a fully responsive mobile and web user interface!

Any app or module written and working with the Odoo 8 web client user interface (also know as the "backend"), will automatically be displayed and usable in an attractive, fully responsive, mobile, and web user interface.

You will be able to easily create, edit, duplicate, or delete any information your Odoo user account has access to on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone). All features available in the traditional web client user interface, will be available with the Odoo 8 Mobile Responsive App.

Using mobile devices with Odoo 8 will enable everyone using Odoo 8 to be more productive. Imagine just a few of the possibilities:

  • Mobile executives and management can view company wide information and make important business decisions while traveling.
  • Mobile sales personnel can add/update customer information, send a quotation or invoice, or view product information anywhere the potential customer is located.
  • Mobile warehouse users can receive, move, or deliver products as it happens. They do not have to take notes and update a traditional computer workstation at a different location in the building.
  • Mobile manufacturing area users can update the status of the manufacturing order, and record manufacturing information during the process without having to use a traditional computer workstation.
  • Mobile healthcare professionals can capture patient information at the point of care when the information is readily available. 
  • Mobile accountants can fully analyze financial information and provide recommendations to executives and management anywhere.
  • Basically, if you have a mobile device and a network connection to your Odoo 8 database, the sky is the limit!

License: GPL Version 3, Includes source code under other OSI Open Source licenses