Odoo Software Engineer (Contractor)

7610 Birds Eye Terrace, Bradenton, FL 34203, United States
01/04/2021 05:42:18


We're looking for senior Odoo software engineers experienced with Odoo 8/9/10 Community and Enterprise, and OpenERP Version 7. You must have full stack Odoo knowledge, skills, and experience including Odoo ORM web client, web templates, web controllers, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, web pages, POS, ect.  You will be working directly with experienced project managers in the USA, who have expert Odoo functional and some Odoo technical knowledge and experience. You will be working on a multidisiplairy team of professionals and with multiple challenging projects. All members of our team are geographically separated. If your work output is exceeds our expectations and you are reliable, there is potential for schedule part time and full time work, bonuses, and profit sharing. 


Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • Graduation from an accredited computer science program
  • Available for scheduled screen share, voice and written communication (Google Hangouts) for a minimum of 5 hours during the 10AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time Zone (UTC -4) /  2PM to 12AM UTC
  • Speak and write English fluently
  • Direct software engineering knowledge, skills, and experience including:
    • 2 Years experience with Odoo/OpenERP customized implementations
    • Object oriented programming, object modeling, MVC,  and relational databases.
    • Odoo Coding Guidelines usage
    • Odoo web client / "backend" ( ORM, Workflows, Report Engine, BI, CRM, Accounting, Warehouse, MRP, HR, ect)
    • Odoo website (web controllers, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, web pages)
    • Odoo 9/10 Enterprise and Community Edition
    • Odoo 8
    • OpenERP 7
    • Odoo Point of Sale
    • Integrating 3rd party APIs with Odoo apps / modules
    • Mastery of  Git to manage source code, working with multiple remote engineers in the same repository, multiple Git branches, resolving merge conflicts, rebasing,  Gitlab Flow 
    • Linux terminal commands related to Odoo server administration
    • Reliable high speed broadband Internet access and distraction free work area for frequent screen-sharing and video conferencing

Strongly Preferred

Great to Have, But Not Required